Viljami Frank, Clausion’s Head of Sales:

You can recognize a genuinely different supplier from afar

When customers are able to use the product independently, Clausion can concentrate on financial management consulting instead of technical consulting, says Viljami Frank, Head of Sales.

Recently independent Clausion offers an easy solution for financial management and group consolidation, including an implementation without a long consultation phase.

November, 2018

Clausion Oy was established in March 2018. The company has already delivered about 200 Clausion FPM (Financial Performance Management) solutions to medium and large sized companies. The system is also used by most Finnish cities and municipalities.

The business started over 30 years ago.

– For a long time, we functioned like a small company within the big Basware corporation. Now we are a separate, independent company which makes it possible to fully follow our own strategy, says Viljami Frank, Head of Sales.

In-house product development

Clausion differs from its competitors in that the group consolidation and management accounting solutions it offers have been developed in-house.

– Retailers who represent big software companies get the lion’s share of their income from the system implementation and maintenance consultation work. For us, the product itself is the most important source of income. That is why we have developed a system that is easy to use and fast to learn, Frank explains.

Maintaining the system requires only a few resources from Clausion, which is why the company can concentrate on financial management consulting. Clausion consultants are financial management professionals who have worked as Finance Managers and Group Controllers.

– Our consultants advise customers on the best ways to implement processes and how to prepare financial statements correctly. Our consultants constantly face challenges in their work, which creates a good foundation for sparring companies in change situations.

Clausion’s way of working is reflected in the personnel’s job descriptions and tasks. About half of the company’s 60 employees work in financial management consulting and customer projects, half in product development.

A complete package

Clausion’s solution makes both group consolidation and management accounting easy for companies and municipalities. Financial statements can be prepared according to the international IFRS standard or the Finnish FAS standard. Group consolidation for the public sector is also included in the solution.

– All the logic needed for cash flow statements and balance books are build into the solution. The system includes ready-made input and report templates, and also combines company statements into consolidated financial statements, Frank lists.

For management accounting, Clausion FPM offers tools for business, strategy, personnel and investment planning, as well as for budgeting, forecasting, analysis and reporting.

Frank compares Clausion’s financial statement solution to a turnkey home which is ready for the customer to move in.

– We also maintain and update the system regularly so that it is always up-to-date when, for example, financial statement related laws and standards change.

Clausion is doing well when customers are happy with their solution. The company organizes yearly events where customers can give feedback and offer ideas for developing the system.

– We want to hear our customers opinions and what they want from the product. As the system developer, we have the opportunity to react to our customers’ wishes and steer our product development based on them, Frank points out.

Financial management on the right track

  • FPM is an integrated system for management accounting and group consolidation.
  • The system has been developed together with customers and designed for ease of use.
  • After implementation, customers can maintain the system independently if they want.


Viljami Frank
Head of Sales
+358 44 263 7012