Tomi Lod, Clausion’s CEO:

Trust is most important in customer relations and product solutions

Tomi Lod has been the CEO of the recently established Clausion Oy for six months. How does he see the company and the business? How does the size of the company affect the personnel, and what are the opportunities and challenges of the business?

September, 2018

Clausion Oy, a financial management software and service company, and Analyste Oy, a company specialized in modern banking software and services, were established in March 2018 when Basware sold its financial management and banking business to a fund managed by Verdane Capital. Tomi Lod, who was responsible for both operations at Basware, has until recently been the CEO of both companies. After the transition, a new CEO has now taken over the responsibility for Analyste as originally planned, and Tomi Lod continues as the CEO of Clausion.

– When you do something, focus. When you are working on one thing, put all your concentration on it, Tomi Lod says.

He is pleased that he can now live by this rule himself.

– I find it a genuinely positive challenge to put my focus on one company and goal. I have a well-defined area of responsibility and an excellent team.


Start-up mentality as a resource

Tomi Lod thinks that one of Clausion’s strengths is its small size and the great spirit in the workplace. Clausion has almost 40 employees in Finland and almost 20 in India. Currently, the company is looking to hire more consultants and software developers.

– We have had different stages in our company arrangements, but some of our employees have been working with our products and services since the early 90s, says Lod. – Continuity and long careers with one employer can exist in the IT world, too.

Employees have been excited about the newest company arrangement – the independent Clausion.

– Our personnel have been extremely positive about the change. We have people who are dynamic and have a start-up mentality. They are a great fit for a small company.

Traditionally, the general feeling in India has been that the bigger the company the better – not just because of career development, but also because of the social status of an unmarried person.

– Now that we are truly an independent company and not a small department of a big company, people with the right mindset are gravitating towards us over there as well.

The situation looks good.

– Our tight-knit community has continuity and energy that drives us forward.


A product is easier to globalize than expertise

Clausion’s flagship product is Clausion Financial Performance Management (FPM). It offers solutions for group consolidation as well as financial planning and reporting.

– We typically work very closely with our customers, Lod explains. We don’t just offer a software system and implementation, but also extensive financial management consulting services.

– For example, during the busiest financial statement times, most customers want to have our consultant helping them. In financial statement solutions, there are always legal interpretation issues. The premise of our consulting services is that in addition to our customers, we also know accounting practices so that we can recommend alternatives.

A good product alone does not make the business.

– The products are the foundation of our business. However, the basis of good co-operation is that our service includes a product, not the other way around.

Currently, Clausion is working on defining the company’s strategy and detailed goals.

– Naturally, we want to be the best in our core business in Finland, Lod says.

There are also plans to grow internationally.

– For example, IFRS group consolidation is an international standard, which means that FPM is already an international product. However, the specific expertise of our personnel is harder to globalize than the product.

Maybe an international partner could help with going global, Lod muses.

– In any case, we will plan our strategy carefully. Our offering must be on such level that we can confidently offer it to large international companies.


Trust above all

Changes in technology is currently the talk of the IT business world.

– We are in the middle of a big change in which cloud services are becoming more and more common. Most customers should now consider switching to a cloud service which enables a more flexible way of working, Tomi Lod says.

But many companies are hesitant about cloud services.

– Especially with big group consolidations, large companies may still be quite conservative, Lod thinks. – Security is an important consideration, and companies trust their own servers. We must demonstrate and explain the benefits and advantages of cloud services to our customers.

In this matter as well, trust is created through knowing your customers and their specific needs.

– Cloud service does not mean that anyone with an internet connection and a password can access the system. Together with our customers, we will create the requirements that the service must meet to fulfill the company’s needs for use and security, Lod sums up.

Tomi Lod

  • 56 years old, lives in Helsinki.
  • Wife and three sons: ”The two oldest work in IT. The youngest, Robin Lod, is a professional soccer player, currently representing Sporting Gijón in Spain – but he is interested in technology, too.”
  • Studied in the USA and graduated from Kalamazoo College’s department of philosophy: ”I have a philosophical approach to figures.”
  • Has worked all his career directly or indirectly with technology, for instance, as a consultant and a manager of professional services and global sales. Lod’s employers before Clausion include, for example, Basware, Nokia and ICL Data.
  • Sports enthusiast: “I like snowboarding and rinkball and play ice hockey in a senior hockey team in Tuusula.”
  • Avid reader: ”Anything from science fiction to Dostoyevski.”
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