Clausion Leasing – easy and reliable lease reporting

IFRS 16 -standard describes how companies should identify, measure, present and disclose their leases. The change introduced by IFRS 16 is significant, especially from the lessee’s perspective. The standard specifies when leases should be included in the balance sheet and key figures based on it, such as the debt-to-equity ratio. With IFRS 16, significantly more disclosures are required than before. IFRS 16 also affects the cash flow statement and its reporting. With the standard, only the interest portion of the lease liability on rents can be presented as cash flows from operating activities.

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An easy-to-use tool for reporting leases

With the Clausion Leasing tool, you can calculate entries, depreciation, interest expenses and debt amortization in the balance sheet of leases, as well as automate the posting and lease changes of future periods. The solution is easy to use and comprehensive for IFRS 16 accounting and reporting. You handle the change situations required by IFRS 16 flexibly and produce the figures required for accounting and reporting, which cover the notes to the balance sheet, income statement and cash flow, as well as the notes to the financial statements.

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Save time and resources

The number of entries in accordance with IFRS 16 is often huge, which makes manual listing work in, for example, Excel, risky and time-consuming. Clausion Leasing’s automation ensures that entries are automatically displayed correctly up to the cash flow statement. Managing change in the system is flexible. For example, you can change the length, scope, price change, or a combination of these – items that are often time-consuming.

We can help you with standard reporting for leases.