Nerve center of Finance

Clausion is a true time saver for company’s finance department! Instead of being a data collector, with our help you get to become an analyzer bringing extra value to business. Budgeting and forecasting should not only be on shoulders of the finance department but should be leveraged throughout the company – with help of easy-to-use Cloud.

The Clausion solution is integrated to every enterprise system. This way you have access to full data and can get numbers you can trust.

“With Clausion it is possible to do a well analyzed budget. Budget itself is reliable and well-known if when all deflection and reasons for change are recognized.”

Milla Hakari, Loimua
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Towards rolling forecasting

Even today, many companies consider budget as a forecast of upcoming revenue and work hard once per year to get it done. Budget should be however an active action plan that helps companies to achieve the best possible result. One key factor is moving towards rolling forecasting which helps in accuracy of the forecast.  

Little things – big changes

Did you fail to sign one large deal? Or did you get good news and a deal you thought was already lost became a real win? One way or another you must be able to react actively. The biggest benefit of rolling forecast is that the company can react on time and the forecast is up to date every day.

Clausion experts have helped dozens of mid-size and large companies with their budgeting and forecasting processes.

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Budgeting in modern business environment is constant change management. That is why it is important that budgeting tools are flexible and reliable. Clausion solution work as a ’nerve center’ for the finance department – you can trust that data is not siloed but looks the same to every user. Reliable data stands for reliable decisions. Do not hesitate to take the first step into modern business planning with Clausion.

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