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Visualize your data

Clausion provides various options to meet your BI (Business Intelligence) reporting needs. Our unique spreadsheet technology includes diverse possibilities to visualize different KPI (Key Performance Indicator) views. We also maintain a packaged integration to all major BI platforms, should that be your chosen BI strategy.

Just like with all the reporting in Clausion, our solution fits flexibly to your BI reporting needs – start small, aim high.

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With Clausion you do not need separate data warehouses or team of data analyst to get started. All the reporting structures and user rights are standard features in Clausion. All our Cloud controller-users are trained to build dazzling KPI graphs. Visualize hidden insights of your data with Clausion.   

Integration? Not to worry

Integration – if your company has chosen to go with separate BI platform, we have a packaged way to move data between systems. All the structures and users rights will follow – you can easily get more out of your BI tool with Clausion.    

Want to move your reports to next level?

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