Transparent and real-time planning system

Combine financial planning, reporting, and forecasting with multi-dimensional operational planning for example for sales, personnel, and investments. Stay always on track what is going on in your business.

“We know exactly what is in the gross margin budget and Clausion system with its excellent analyzing tools is thanks to that. It is crucial to both me and company management that we have access to versatile budgeting analysis.”

Milla Hakari, Loimua
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In constantly changing world companies want to focus on analyzing the data instead of collecting it. This becomes harder if the accurate data is spread around, and time is being wasted trying to find it from different sources.

Bringing the data together requires a platform which is both easy-to-use and scalable. Integrating to different data sources and converting the data into one unified form, the Clausion solutions work as a ‘nerve center’ for all financial data.

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Unique solution with spreadsheet technology

On top of gathering and combining the data, Clausion offers ways for business planning and reporting. Clausion Cloud is easy to use for everyone familiar with Excel-type of spreadsheet technology.

Modern and multi-dimensional planning and reporting system

Clausion Business Planning is scalable for different types of businesses and it is built on modern and reliable cloud. Thanks to integrations, transferring data from all enterprise systems is easy.

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Financial planning + operational planning = big picture

In the core of financial planning are the fundamental currency-based calculations of income statements, balance statements and cash flow statements built on top of the organization structure, alternative hierarchies and profit and cost centers.

In addition to continuous management reporting: targets, budgets and forecasts can utilize the accounting outturn data side-by-side when planning in detail.

Operational planning concentrates more in-depth on chosen area of the business and it benefits from multi-dimensionality which allows the use of other drivers and metrics than currencies and organization structure.

Interested to see how Clausion could help your company with business planning?