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Numbers you can trust

Clausion solution work as a nerve center for finance department as it is widely integrated with various enterprise systems. All data is available for business planning, reporting and finance consolidation. Unified data guarantees that you can trust the numbers.

Thanks to Cloud – you can work anytime, anywhere as long as you have internet connection available. Do not waste your time collecting the data but focus on analyzing it and offer your business best chance to succeed.

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Transparent and real-time planning system

Clausion Business Planning combines financial planning and reporting with multi-dimensional operative planning. It collects all business management data together – securely, reliably, and in an easily interpretable format. Focus your time on analyzing and decision making, instead of gathering information together. Clausion Business Planning is designed to help with your company’s daily routines and critical decisions.  

A complete solution for finance consolidation

Finance consolidation can be easy and smooth when you are using a complete solution for it. Automate processes, use ready-made templates according to latest standard – make IFRS reporting easy. Dedicated Clausion experts help you with all finance consolidation related questions along the way.  Manage your workload and save time by automating routines.


Smart decisions based on data

Data is in the centre of Clausion solutions. Do you need ready-made solution for finance consolidation or do you want to sharpen business planning and reporting? Or all of this? No matter what is your demand, with Clausion solutions you make smart, data-driven decisions in your business.

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