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Clausion FPM is a planning and reporting system designed to help with your company’s daily routines and critical decisions. Clausion FPM collects all business management data efficiently from one system – securely, reliably, and in an easily interpretable format. Know where your company stands today and tomorrow.

Transparent & real-time

Clausion Financial Performance Management FPM brings total transparency to your company’s financial management data, and enables up-to-date reporting and analysis directly from the business viewpoint. The planning and reporting system supports the company’s functions in real-time and makes it easy to react quickly to changes. The system also includes a comprehensive solution for group consolidation.


Easy to implement, easy to use!

Clausion’s solutions are known for their ease of use. The implementation of the FPM system has been designed to be light, fast, and simple. After the implementation, customers can maintain and develop the system independently if they want.

Financial Performance Management – A solution for comprehensive financial management

  • Strategy
  • Business
  • Budgeting
  • Forecasting

  • Real-time and monthly reporting
  • Transparency to source systems
  • Management dashboard

  • Product portfolio
  • Customer management
  • Efficiency ratios from different sources
  • Other data

  • FAS and IFRS group consolidation
  • Public sector group consolidation
  • Group financial control




With Clausion FPM you get:

  • Figures through one system: transparent, up-to-date and easily interpretable data of your company’s key figures, regardless of time and place
  • Uniform financial processes — the figures of all companies comparable with each other
  • A cost-effectively and independently maintainable comprehensive solution
  • An easy-to-use system that can be distributed to the whole organization as such without extensive training
  • Flexible integration with other systems, such as SAP or MS Dynamics AX
  • A fast and efficient implementation project without a long consultation phase
  • A solution that uses the market’s latest technology to ensure a long lifecycle
  • Experts who speak the same language with you and understand your business

System development with customers

Clausion FPM has been developed together with customers, based on real user needs. This makes it a unique financial management tool that is easy to learn and quick to take into use.

Anne-Mari Kela-Seppänen
Chief Customer Officer
Tel: +358 40 517 0509

Jaakko Laurila
Chief Sales and Marketing Officer
Tel: +358 40 848 2911

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