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Björn Mattsson has been appointed to Clausion board

Björn Mattsson has been appointed to Clausion board. He has a wide experience on management positions in various software enterprises.

What is your background and what kind of experience do you bring to the Clausion board?

– I am very honored to be appointed to the board of Clausion. Having spent my whole leadership career in the software industry, from Nordic organisations like Visma to global ones like BMC Software and Anaplan, -all of them successful vendors-, I hope to bring the “how to grow fast-experience” into Clausion in their transfer from Start-Up to Grow-Up.

How do you find Clausion?

– Clausion has focused their effort to be a best in class vendor for business and financial planning alongside financial consolidation. MS Excel still being the most commonly used tool in the target segment of Clausion, this offering is very appealing to organisations in any sector and in any country. After all MS Excel was developed in mid-eighties for personal computing and not designed as an enterprise platform. If you think about the number of corporate sensitive spreadsheets lying around in laptops all over a corporate organisation, purely that security matter justifies the Clausion investment. As the latest versions of Clausion are SAAS-offerings, I do not see a limit of the expansion of Clausion in the years to come.