Employee Stories


Read about working at Clausion.

Clausion Finland

Vesa, Head of Product Development

A true FPM veteran

Vesa has worked with Clausion’s products since the early days. In fact, Vesa was the very first employee hired to Basware’s product development.


Vesa’s career at Basware lasted just two weeks shy of 25 years, and now he continues with Clausion. His long journey has given him an opportunity to see and do a lot.


“In the early 90s, I worked 50% in customer projects, coding customized products for our customers, and 50% in product development, working on Sigma and Target which were the financial management software products at that time.”


Eventually product development started taking more and more of Vesa’s time, and since the late 90s, Vesa has concentrated on product development. As the team grew, Vesa’s role changed from software developer to software architect, and from 2008 on he has been a team leader. Since 2014, Vesa has lead the Product Development unit.


According to Vesa, the secret of his long career is simply that he has never gotten bored at his job.


“I have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to participate in a lot of different things. I have always had a chance to be involved in all aspects of product development and how our customers use our products.”

Maria, Product Owner

A new career in the 50s

Maria joined the ranks at Clausion in April 2019. After a long career in technical communications, Maria got interested in Clausion’s Product Owner position when she received a tip from a former colleague who works at Clausion.


At first Maria hesitated applying to a position for which she had no previous work experience, but after some encouragement from her husband, she decided to go for it.


Maria was impressed by Clausion’s recruiting process. Interviews were well prepared, the atmosphere was relaxed, and she was kept well informed throughout the whole process. Clausion’s hiring managers were open-minded and really wanted to get to know her instead of just looking at her work history and previous experience.


“I felt like they truly wanted to understand what my motivation to get into a new field was, what my strengths are and how they could be applied in the new position. It was easy for me to get excited about the job and the company. I think the key factor was an open mind on both sides.”

Maria also appreciated that there was no prejudice related to her age – job seekers in their 50s often have other kinds of experiences, too.

Maria is grateful that Clausion has given her an opportunity to try something new after a long career in one field. The trust demonstrated by her employer makes her even more motivated.

“It is exemplary on the part of the employer that they trust me enough to give me this opportunity to learn.”

Ella, Office Administrator

The office powerhouse

“Ella will take care of it”, is something often heard around the Clausion office. Ella is Clausion’s energetic and always radiant Office Administrator who assists in financial management and HR tasks, handles customer service and takes care of all kinds of daily tasks as well as acts as Clausion’s Occupational Safety Manager.


Ella ended up at Clausion in the fall of 2018 when looking for a change after working in retail.


“I decided to look for an office job because I had no previous experience in working at an office.”


According to Ella, the best part of her job is that her tasks are so varied. Every day is different – there is never a dull day.


“Best about working at Clausion is the relaxed and open atmosphere, and that we have so many different kinds of people working here.”

Clausion India

Anshita Srivastava, QA Engineer

Journey from a maternity career break to industry comeback

“When I came to this town in Febuary 2019, my desire of coming back to the industry in automation testing became stronger. But it was not easy to find a working place where all my expectations could be met. It was also not easy at all to prepare myself with all the updated and old concepts for cracking the interviews. When nobody else was there at home to help you with work, nobody was there to take care of my daughter, no relatives and no friends. My daughter’s nap time was the only time for me to study, prepare or do telephone interviews and tests.


After getting many rejections,  I cleared all the rounds of the recruitment process in more than a couple of companies of tricity. But they preferred the regular candidate rather than a mother who is coming back after a career break of 2 years. It was so discouraging, and it became painful for me to leave my daughter at a neighbour‘s house when going to interviews, to locate the company in an unknown city – and then be rejected in the end.


But I never gave up. I tried again, and my journey ended at getting placed at Clausion India in June 2019.


It was so motivating that not only did Clausion India ignore the fact that I was coming after a career break when they interviewed me, but from the very first day they have trusted me. That really boosted my confidence. I am so happy to join Clausion India where I am able to balance my personal life and work, and where I am happy to perform my duties. It has become a second home for me in Chandigarh.


Big thanks to the whole Clausion India Family!”