Unisport football court

Unisport – on their way to Cloud

Unisport is the leading supplier for sport facilities and equipment in the Nordics. Group was founded in 2015 when Finnish Saltex and Swedish Uniport joined forces. Unisport has 400 employees in six countries: Sweden, Norway, Denmark, UK, and Finland (HQ). Group turnover is ca 150 million euros.

Need: reliable solution for group consolidation

After facing many structural changes due acquisition, Unisport discovered a need for reliable solution, especially for group consolidation. Multiple currencies and local accounting systems made it hard and fragile to do group accounting only in Excel. “Clausion was really the first thing that came to my mind when I started working at Unisport in 2017”, says Group Financial Controller Taina Kujanpää.

” I knew Clausion from before when I was doing a challenging IFRS-project in my previous job. I was sure that Clausion is the right choice for Unisport as well. During the project data was imported to Clausion from nine different systems, and thousands of accounts were converted between the systems.”

Later, in 2019 Unisport started using also Clausion solutions for planning and budgeting. Company has focused heavily on planning, especially during 2020.” There is a lot of potential to do business planning better than we are currently doing. Thanks to new, easy to use cloud-based solution, I think more and more our users start using Clausion for business planning. Today the in-depth management report is fully done with Clausion Dynamic Reporting tool”, tells Taina Kujanpää.

” Clausion fulfills all the most important demands for us.”

Group Financial Controller Taina Kujanpää says that it has been very easy to work with Clausion solutions.” It is especially beneficial that Clausion has ready-made documents for group consolidation. Clausion fulfills all our most important demands for us when it comes to system specification. Also, documentation for auditors is easy – thanks to Clausion”, Kujanpää says.

Next in the agenda is moving to Clausion Cloud. “It is important that systems are used wherever and whenever, as long as there is a network available. We expect that moving to cloud brings us more efficiency, ease and even better user experience, not forgetting saved costs as there is no need for hardware”, Kujanpää says.

Support only one call away

Unisport has been especially pleased that support has been close and easy to reach.

” The cooperation with Clausion consultants has been excellent. I look forward to moving to Clausion Cloud and what that brings along. Especially in the times of change, the good cooperation is more relevant than ever.”

Taina Kujanpää, Unisport

3 main reasons why Unisport uses Clausion solution:

  • Reliable solution that works well.
  • Product is being developed constantly.
  • Flexible and well-working cooperation.