Case Oulun Energia

Oulun Energia: Business decisions based on data

The basis of the Oulun Energia Group is in energy production and heat and electricity network services. The group develops intelligent and energy-efficient energy solutions for the benefit of its customers.

In addition to the parent company Oulun Energia Oy, the Group includes Oulun Energia Sähköverkko Oy, Syklo Oy, Turveruukki Oy and Huoltovoima Oy. The Group employs approx. 240 people and its turnover in 2021 was 230 million euros.

Oulun Energia is a long-term customer of Clausion, on the financial consolidation side. In the past, budgeting and forecasting was done with Excel, but a tool was sorely needed for this. The criterion above all others was that the same system had to be used to make financial consolidation, budgeting and forecasting. Clausion’s system responded to this demand. Oulun Energia has been budgeting using Clausion’s system since 2016.

The customizable system meets the needs of S&OP

Oulun Energia has a competent team to perform internal and external accounting. The company itself does a lot of internal development of the system, e.g. changes to input and report templates. The customizability of Clausion’s system is praised for meeting the company’s sales and operations planning (S&OP) needs.

“Businesses really take full advantage of all the data and numbers the economy produces. Forecasts, budgets and outcomes are actively utilized in making business decisions”, says Kaija-Liisa Paaso, CFO of Oulun Energia.

The company has set out to model the revenue stream in great detail: for example how much electricity, heat and steam is produced at each plant, through which fuels, emission rights are calculated, with a variety of factors (e.g. peat tax, etc.). All report templates are based on the company’s own need for different types of modeling and scenarios. On the flow side, Clausion’s system also works well and the flow is modeled through the system.”What’s great about us is that Clausion’s system is highly customizable to our own needs. Whether it is input, report or auxiliary templates, all of these can be built as needed. Sometimes we are sparring with a Clausion consultant on how to resolve an issue, but we are happy to do as much as we can by ourselves”, Paaso continues.

From a challenging cloud transition to a desired outcome

Oulun Energia was one of the first to adopt Clausion’s cloud solution, and the transition didn’t go as smoothly as it was hoped. “The cloud environment was initially uncertain and affected usability. In a poor situation, however, it was a pleasure to note that all the problems were taken seriously at Clausion’s end. This dialogue and appropriate response has been a significant factor in our customer satisfaction. Now, fortunately, the initial difficulties with the cloud environment have gone significantly better. Thanks to Clausion’s customer support, which is downright amazing. Customer support can really answer questions really quickly. This is one of the best customer support I have had with a software supplier”, says Kaija-Liisa Paaso.

Top 3 reasons why Oulun Energia uses Clausion’s solutions:

  • Highly efficient and automated group accounting: eliminations, automatic counter-exports, M&A, etc. are easy. Everything leaves a trace, so any problems can be caught up well.
  • With the same system, both group reporting and business planning (budgeting and forecasting) can be done.
  • A working entity.