Loimua men at the office

Loimua:” Clausion outcome is convincing, even impressive”

Loimua offers comprehensive, responsible and competent energy solutions. Loimua was previously part of Elenia group but since 2020 it has operated as own company. Before they shared same financial systems with the group but after start of own company, Loimua had a need to find a budgeting system for versatile demand which was also quick to implement.

Gross margin budgeting done smartly

Business Controller Milla Hakari oversees Loimua’s managerial accounting and planning.
” Gross margin is the most important indicator to us at Loimua when it comes to profitability. Therefor it is being budgeted and followed up closely. We needed to find a solution that could help us to volume based gross margin budgeting smartly. Loimua has around 20 unites and responsibilities in the matrix are a bit spread, that made the project a bit challenging”, says Milla Hakari.

Loimua had great experience of Clausion Financial Performance Management when they were part of Elenia. The smooth functionality with Excel, possibility to custom made it to some extend with excellent integration and analyzing possibilities made it easy for Loimua to choose the system. Project was executed effective in March-June.

” I am very happy with the outcome”

Loimua makes their budgeting with Excel tool – including sales, production and fuel that is used for production). Planning files are so large and detailed that there is no point of running that information in the budgeting system. That is why it’s important to Loimua that Clausion system is Excel compatible. The information in the Excel is imported to Clausion system where a comprehensive analysis on the budget is being made.

“ We know exactly what’s in the gross margin budget and Clausion system with its excellent analyzing tools is thanks to that. It is crucial to both me and company management that we have access to versatile budgeting analysis.”

Milla Hakari, Loimua

” With Clausion Financial Performance Management it’s possible to do a well analyzed budget. Budget itself is reliable and well-known if when all deflection and reasons for change are recognized. Analyzing and reporting of the first budget worked well even with our high standard and tight schedule. With this project we were also able to develop different areas in budgeting as well as user experience. I’m very happy with the outcome”, Milla Hakari sums up.

3 main reasons why Loimua uses Clausion for budgeting:

  • Excel compatible – works well with the gross margin centered budgeting.
  • With the suspense accounts it is basically possible to budget anything.
  • Flexible and easy to maintain – well and easy to modify.