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Granlund: Time saver for finance

Granlund is a strongly growing group of companies that specialises in the construction and real estate sector and makes significant investments in innovation and development. Their key goal is to make properties more functional and smarter and to improve human well-being in the built environment. Annual turnover is over 100 million euros, and it employs ca 1100 experts.  

Granlund has rapidly grown over the past few years. This itself has affected on finance department daily life. The company changed all their financial systems at the same time, and Clausion was chosen to be the running engine of financial consolidation and business planning. Granlund has been doing financial consolidation with Clausion already more than two years, recently they started budgeting with Clausion and forecasting is being implemented currently.

Centralised data management

Due to nature of its business, Granlund has many business units. Over 100 business unit responsibilities oversee budgeting and insert numbers themselves. This combination started to become too heavy and complex to be handled only in Excel.

”We had already build the budget templates carefully, however Excel started to jam due transferring massive amount of data. When business unit responsible insert the data themselves directly into Clausion system, managing the data is mode centralized. Also, for example allocations are nowadays easy as we want to split costs to several of units”, tells Henrik Ranta, Controller at Granlund.   

Time saver for finance

Compiling of Excels between the first and second round of budgeting is no longer needed, and this saves lots of time. When moving to Clausion system, unnecessary interphases have been removed both from controllers and business owners.

”All data is in the same place and we do not need to transfer it from a system to another which saves a lot of time. This has speeded up our budgeting process significantly since we do not need to book time nor resources for the unnecessary interphases. Data being in one place, we can see the full picture straight away. Previously this was not possible before all Excels were gathered together and this did not happen for one night.”

Henrik Ranta, Granlund

”We have the same consultants working with us during implementation and after. Work has been smooth since they know our company and our way to operate with the system”, Ranta continues.

On top of budgeting, Granlund has had their first pilots in forecasting, and they will continue this work with the Clausion system.

3 main reasons why Granlund uses Clausion solution:

  • Data is inserted directly into the system and handling allocations is easy.
  • Budgeting process has gone quicker. There is no need to waste time nor resources on unnecessary interphases. This saves time.
  • Full picture – reporting can be started immediately since all the numbers are in the same system.