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Genelec: The importance of forecasting

Since founding Genelec in 1978, professional audio monitoring has been the core of their business. The unrivalled commitment to research and development has resulted in several industry firsts and established Genelec as the industry leader in active monitors.

Genelec was searching for a software solution for budgeting, forecasting, financial consolidation and reporting to simplify and streamline financial operations. Easy-to-use, possibility to customize the system and good integrations to other finance and ERP-systems were the most important factors in decision making for Genelec. Company has subsidiaries in Japan, China and in the USA and due to this the automated currency handling in the software needed to be easy as well. Having priority in these features, Genelec ended up with Clausion solution for business planning and financial consolidation.

Automated financial consolidation

” I am happy that we don’t do Excel consolidation”, states Pauliina Timlin, Financial Controller, Genelec. ” With Clausion, financial consolidation is automated and smooth. The input sheets are easy to use and the ones working for finance in our subsidiaries can use them well. I am happy with Clausion system. Professional consultants have been available when necessary and I have been able to get help if something has been tricky”, Timlin continues.  

Smart budgeting saves time

Thanks to Clausion system, budgeting and monitoring is now easier than ever due to dimensional structure. People that oversee their own budget can place their budget proposals directly into Clausion system and there is no need for Excel hassle. This saves huge amount of time.

The importance of forecasting

Possibility to customise the Clausion solutions is highly appreciated by the company. New ways to streamline work are being thought together with the consultants. “Forecasting has become more and more important to us. Our goal was to find how to do forecasting all the way down to cash flow. I am happy to say that we got this working well and are now on a good track to move forward. We had some very fruitful conversations with the Clausion consultant during the project and the only way now is to develop our processes even further”, Pauliina Timlin says.

” I have been very happy with Clausion consultants and customer service. The consultants are highly experienced on various type of companies and operational environments. Our conversations are always very good, and they actively bring different type of solutions to the table. We have never been disappointed with the Clausion customer support.”

Pauliina Timlin, Genelec

3 main reasons why Genelec uses Clausion solutions

  • Simple financial consolidation in the group.
  • Possibility to customise the solution based on company’s needs and develop management accounting.
  • Excellent customer service – both the consultants and customer support.