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The Finnish Kennel Club: “Cloud solutions are modern”

The Finnish Kennel Club is the oldest national expert organisation in the canine sector in the Nordic countries and the guardian of interests of dog owners, breeders, and enthusiasts. It is one of the biggest national kennel clubs in the world and has around 146,000 private members. The club acts as an umbrella organisation for over 2,000 canine societies.

More accurate budgeting

In the Finnish Kennel Club, budgeting has been decentralized throughout the organisation. Before, the budget was drafted in Excel and then exported into the Dynamics AX system. This process was not only big and labour-consuming, but due to the manual procedure also extremely expensive. “I started in the Kennel Club in 2013, and the rationalisation of budgeting was one of the first tasks on my desk. We ended up using the Basware system, which later became Clausion through company acquisition. We have noticed that it is very different to create the budgets in Excel and then compile them together with lots of effort, than to use a system specifically meant for that”, says Unka Sarsila-Etelämäki, the Manager of Finance and Administration of the Finnish Kennel Club.

“Cloud solutions are modern”

The Kennel Club changed its accounting system in the spring of 2021. At the same time, there was a need to make a version upgrade to Clausion’s system, which also made the transition to the cloud topical. “Our IT department no longer wanted to tax our own servers, and this was a crucial factor in moving to the cloud. Our users will soon be able to dig into the cloud version of the system for the first time, so we look forward to what kind of feedback they will provide. Cloud solutions are modern after all”, says Unka Sarsila-Etelämäki.

A solution fit for all sizes

Clausion’s system was originally introduced due to its budgeting capabilities and reporting, and implementation have also been introduced. “Clausion’s system is easy to use for those accustomed to spreadsheet tools. The interfaces work great for data transfer, which reduces manual work. In addition, functionalities such as drill-down into the invoice image are useful for us, so that the cost center managers can check the system to see what the costs are related to. Because budgeting is so widely implemented in our organization, it’s very important that we can limit access to different parts. The system fits our needs well and the cooperation has gone well”, Sarsila-Etelämäki sums up.

The 3 most important reasons why the Finnish Kennel Club utilizes Clausion’s solutions:

  • Good functions for budgeting and reporting.
  • Possibility to restrict user rights.
  • Company eliminations in buy and sell transactions.