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Eezy: ” We all talk about the same numbers”

Eezy helps anyone looking for work and those needing workers find each other. Eezy is the most versatile staffing services company in Finland and works in over 50 cities, serving thousands of customers. Company is quoted in Nasdaq Helsinki. Group’s turnover in 2020 was 280 million euro and its goal is to be the market leader.

Experienced and constantly growing

Eezy (ex-VMP) has grown from a family-owned company to one of the most recognized companies in Finland offering staffing services. Eezy is a long-term customer of Clausion, and they have used Clausion’s and its predecessor, Basware’s solutions for financial planning since 2011. When venture capitalist came into picture, the need to make financial consolidation regularly, several times a year became a real. ” The number of companies in our group has grown significantly over the past years. Financial consolidation without a system that is made for this became challenging and risky”, describes Eezy’s Financial Controller Niina Hakamäki.

” We all talk about the same numbers”

With Clausion solution, Eezy does budgeting annually, and forecasts are being updated every month.

” All reporting and analyzing of data take place in the Clausion system. With this, we can be sure that data and numbers are the same for everyone – no matter if it is finance department, sales, business, or administration. There are no outdated Excel sheets lying on people’s desks and emails. We all talk about the same numbers.”

Niina Hakamäki, Eezy

Synergy benefits between business planning and financial consolidation

When choosing a tool for financial management, important factor in decision making for Eezy was the synergy benefits between business planning and financial consolidation that Clausion offers. The company had used Clausion planning system for a long time and experiences on that were very positive. Eezy wanted to have a holistic system for all financial management, therefor they expanded the usage of Clausion solutions also to financial consolidation.

” The number of companies within Eezy Group is huge, we have close to 100 subsidiaries. With Clausion for example handling transactions and mergers is easy. Also, IFRS reporting is very smooth with Clausion”, Niina Hakamäki tells. ” We have managed to get onboard using Clausion system very well and we do things on routine bases. We have been able to automate a lot of things e.g., in financial statements. That of course saves us a lot of time”, Hakamäki continues.

The cooperation with Clausion is a highly appreciated. The cooperation with the consultants has been smooth and the customer support has been able to help quickly in challenging situations.

3 main reasons why Eezy uses Clausion solutions:

  • One system for everyone: finance department, sales, business, and administration. “All data is in one place and we all talk about the same numbers.”  
  • Handling transactions and mergers is easy.
  • System is agile – making report templates and editing them is easy.