Customer stories

Your success is our success! Learn how Clausion has helped companies with financial planning, reporting, operations planning and financial consolidation.

Granlund meeting people

Granlund: Time saver for finance

”All data is in the same place and we do not need to transfer it from a system to another which saves a lot of time. This has speeded up our budgeting process significantly.”

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eezy_man and woman at factory

Eezy: ” We all talk about the same numbers”

” All reporting and analyzing of data take place in the Clausion system. With this, we can be sure that data and numbers are the same for everyone – no matter if it is finance department, sales, business, or administration.”

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ensto factory

Ensto: Solution for reliable financial consolidation

” We have got ourselves a great partner. Clausion is close, it is easy and nice to cooperate with them. I can only give roses for the customer service and support. We have definitely got ourselves a great partner for financial management.”

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Relais Group

The internal management accounting and group consolidation processes at Relais Group needed to be developed.

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Lappia’s Big Organization Change

“You could say that this part of the solution is truly groundbreaking. There hasn’t been a structure this fully automated before.”

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