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Professional Services – supporting you

Our iron-strong professional services team supports your company in everyday matters as well as in unexpected situations. Strong substance expertise combined with systems expertise guarantees you the best help in your business.

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Easy and fast implementation

Deploying the Clausion’s system is quick and easy. Familiar professional service consultant will continue with your company even after the deployment project, so you can be confident that they know the different nuances of your system environment and your company.

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Administrator service

Sometimes life surprises, in which case it’s good to know that help is near. Whether it is a temporary shortage of resources due to parental leave, annual leave, or long sick leave, Clausion helps. Sometimes companies, especially listed companies, are even required to consider a resource shortage in their risk plan. Thanks to its strong expertise, Clausion’s professional service consultants can temporarily jump into the boots of the company’s administrator to help, for example, finish the financial statements.

Financial statement support

Every financial person knows that the time of the financial statement is the busiest time of the year. Clausion will support you during the reporting process so that the work runs smoothly even then.

Our consultants are booked to help with the financial statements well in advance, so be prepared and make sure you get support when the time for the financial statements comes.

This is how our customers feel:

“The collaboration has been great – we have had top consultants. Often in system projects the problem is that we as economists speak a different language than the technical guy on the other side of the table – with Clausion this is not the case. The system consultants are financial experts who also have in-depth knowledge of the technical side of the system.”

Anneli Raskila, Financial Manager, Parmaco

“We at Elenia are very system-oriented, and we want to do things and understand them ourselves. The collaboration with Clausion has been really nice. I especially appreciate that Clausion’s system consultants speak the same language of economics with us.”

Taru Suutari, Financial Manager, Elenia

Whether your needs are any of the above, maintenance consulting, business arrangements in the system, or reviewing best practices, our professional services team is here for you.