Clausion India:

Seamless co-operation across the world

Clausion India:

Seamless co-operation across the world

Clausion’s product development is done in two countries, but the teams work as one with shared processes and tasks.

Product development starts with the Finnish Product Management team selecting the features and functions for the upcoming delivery cycle.

“The Indian team’s Product Owner works closely with the Finnish team’s Product Owner. They define and groom the business requirements which are then presented to the development team”, a Senior Software Engineer from Clausion India explains.

The whole development team then participates in further planning. After the release content has been decided, work is divided between the teams and the development and testing team members are responsible for making high-level work estimates and more detailed plans for implementation and testing.

“All team members participate actively in the feature analysis. We must understand also the business need and the whole functionality, not only the technical perspective.”

After coding a new function or a feature, developers test their code with unit tests. The code is also reviewed before the feature is delivered to the testing team.

The Finnish and Indian development teams have the same responsibilities and follow the same process. In day-to-day work, the Indian teams have daily stand-ups which the Finnish Head of Development, QA Manager and Product Owner join regularly to understand the status of the deliveries and to resolve any issues. In regular product development meetings, all teams share what they have completed so far.

“When needed, we schedule meetings with the Finnish team to discuss any technical or process related issues. We may also have one-to-one meetings with our Finnish colleagues when we need to clarify something related to a user story or a bug we are working on.”

Software developers need strong technical skills in several technologies, for example, OOPS concepts, Microsoft, database and cloud technology stacks. In addition, important personal qualities include persistency, being eager to learn, a positive attitude and good communication skills. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses and being proactive is important.

“You need to be ready to face challenges and be willing to work outside your comfort zone.”

Most challenging for a team member at Clausion India is that Clausion develops a Finnish financial product. Understanding the complex financial business process while constantly staying up-to-date with changes in technology requires effort.

The best part about working at Clausion is that it offers opportunities for personal growth and a chance to work with the latest technologies. For example, Clausion sponsors participation in professional certification programs.

Some of the many other perks of working at Clausion India include a 5-day working week, flexible working hours and the possibility to work from home, family and term insurance policy, tax saving policy, good vacation and holiday benefits, and regular social gatherings with team mates.

“Clausion has a great working environment and an open culture. Everyone can suggest improvements, and the organization encourages team members to come forward with innovative ideas.”