Clausion Customer Support:

The best part of the job is a satisfied customer

Clausion Customer Support:

The best part of the job is a satisfied customer

When a customer contacts Clausion Customer Support, they may need help with a specific function, such as creating a report. Or maybe they have an error situation in the program.

”We get all kinds of questions. The same question rarely comes up”, Customer support says.

Customers’ problems may be limited to a specific situation or a function, or they may concern the whole environment. The questions may also be related to several different facets of the system – interfaces, management accounting, group consolidation, technical issues.

According to Clausion Customer Support, the most challenging aspect of the work is the extensive and deep knowledge that it requires. You need technical skills with the system, have to know how to use FPM, and need to understand management accounting and group consolidation.

”We must be able to serve our customers with any problems they might have.”

Clausion Customer Support service is available on week days from 8 p.m. to 5 p.m. Customer Support acts as the customers’ contact point and channel for reaching out to Clausion in any issues and questions related to FPM.

A typical day in Clausion Customer Support consists of finding solutions to problems and instructing customers. Most customers contact Customer Support by email, phone calls are rare. From email, support requests are automatically redirected to the Customer Support ticket system.

”The busiest times for us are early spring when customers are working on their financial statements and fall when budgeting starts.”

The problem-solving process depends a lot on the issue. Usually Customer Supports requests more detailed information about the issue or asks the customer to check something in their system. Based on the customer’s problem description, Customer Support is often already able to offer a solution suggestion.

If no solution is found, the investigation continues and the whole Clausion participates if necessary. A big part of Customer Support’s work consists of coordinating internal work at Clausion when an issue is under investigation.

”We mainly work with product development and consultants, but sometimes we may need help even from sales.”

Besides the required technical skills and financial content knowledge, some of the most important qualities of a good Customer Support professional include a good customer service attitude, solid coordination skills, and an analytical mind. Persistence and perseverance are also necessary so that even the most difficult cases can be solved.

”Most rewarding about this work is when a problem is solved and the customer is happy.”

Customer Support contact information


Tel: 010 337 7400

Customers can now also use Service Desk Portal to create and follow support requests.