Clausion Consulting:

A broad spectrum of inspiring projects

Clausionin konsultointi:

Mukavia projekteja laidasta laitaan

Clausion consultants work with customers in FPM implementation projects. The range of projects is vast. Clausion’s customers include the biggest pension insurance companies, banks, cities, municipalities and municipal service centers in Finland as well as numerous internationally operating listed and private companies across all industries.

”We have a lot of different kinds of great projects. There really is no typical project, every project and environment is different”, a Clausion consultant says.

A customer project may include only one part of the system, for example, implementing some new functionality, or setting up a whole system. Big projects may also be divided into phases so that the whole is implemented in smaller parts.

”Projects may last from a week up to two years.”

Implementation projects start with a specification phase which usually takes a couple of days. During this phase, the customer’s needs and processes are carefully mapped out in detail and the scope and the goals of the project are specified. As a result, the consultants produce a Solution Description document, based on which the system implementation is carried out.

During the implementation phase, Clausion consultants work together with the customer. Consultants help the customer with content-related issues and set up the required functionalities in the system. Clausion consultants are usually specialized in a certain area: management accounting, group consolidation, interfaces, or a combination of these. Depending on the size and type of the project, 1 to 4 consultants will participate in a project.

The implementation phase also includes introductory training for the customer. Finally, the implementation is tested and validated, for example, by entering an old budget in the system. After final corrections and finishing touches, the project is closed and the responsibility of the system is handed over to the customer. After the project, the customer can turn to Clausion Customer Support or their project consultants for help when needed.

Although no two projects are the same, every project usually faces some schedule-related pressures at some point.

”Another typical challenge is planning the environment so that it will work well for all different types of users.”

Most rewarding about a consultant’s work is when a project is successfully completed and the customer is happy.

The busiest time for management accounting consultants is from October to December when companies are planning the next year’s budgets. For group consolidation consultants, the peak season is from January to April.

Most of Clausion consultants’ time is spent in customer projects, but there are also regularly scheduled “office days” at the Clausion office.

”Office days are reserved for taking care of all kinds of miscellaneous things. Answering questions, helping colleagues, tying loose ends.”

Consultants work with almost everyone at Clausion. Product development helps with problems, consultants support each other when needed, and customers’ additional needs are coordinated with the sales team.

Consultant’s work requires solid financial knowledge, for example, about accounting practices. Technical skills are also important, especially for an interface consultant. In consultant’s work, challenges are a rule rather than an exception, and patience, perseverance, flexibility, and the ability to handle pressure and adapt to changes are important qualities.

”Quite rarely will you see a simple environment. There are always surprises.”

At the customer’s side, Clausion consultants work with many different people from business controllers to finance managers and IT departments. Good communication and people skills are essential.

”In the end, the most important part of this work is to be able to explain things from the point of view of different stakeholders.”