Clausion CEO Tomi Lod: From a start-up to a growth company

Tomi Lod has been leading Clausion since 2018 and has seen the transformation of the company and the industry closely.

– It has been great to see that companies have started to put more focus on planning instead of only watching rear-view mirror. That is why we have invested a lot to developing Clausion Business Planning solutions, Tomi Lod describes.  

– The role of our customers in developing Clausion solutions is crucial. Our software and our experts are here for our customers. That is why we want to maintain the close and good cooperation with our customers, Lod continues.

Not only working but also from managing point of view the year 2020 was different and challenging. Lod gives special credit to the dedicated and experienced team of experts that have performed the year well.

– Due the fact that working remotely has become a standard, many companies have realized how important is to be able work despite time and place. Working needs to be more flexible in the future and that is why cloud services are a must. I need to admit that it would be fun to see people in live for a change, Lod smiles.

Clausion is the market leader in Finland, how do you see the company’s future?

– The market outside Finland is of course huge. We have already taken the first steps abroad and the only way is to go forward. I am confident that Clausion has a bright future ahead both in Finland and other markets.

Tomi Lod

  • 58 years old
  • Wife and three grown up sons: Two eldest are in the computer technology field and the youngest, Robin, is a professional soccer player in Minnesota, US. Tomi’s first grandchild has wrap grandpa around one’s little finger.
  • Tomi has studied in Kalamazoo College, US.
  • Has worked all his career within computer technology, e.g., as consultant and manager for consultant services and global sales team.
  • Likes to sport in his spare time:” I snowboard, play ice hockey and rink ball.”
  • Reads a lot all kind of books:” Everything from science fiction to Dostojevski suits to me.”
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