Better decisions for your business

Clausion is an independent and experienced growth company offering cloud-based corporate performance management solutions and services enabling our customers to succeed in their daily lives. Clausion solutions are easy to use and implement. Our consultants are highly experienced and are here to help you.

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Growth company with years of experience

Clausion was established in March 2018 when Basware sold their financial management business to a fund managed by Verdane. Clausion has a successful and solid history in the financial management software and service business for 25 years.

Since May 2022 Clausion has been part of insightsoftware family.

Our personnel consists of close to 100 financial and software professionals. We work in research and development, consulting, customer support, sales, and marketing.

Clausion has a vast customer base of hundreds of large and medium-sized companies and public sector customers. Our customers include the biggest pension insurance companies, banks, cities, municipalities, and municipal service centers as well as numerous internationally operating listed and private companies across all industries.

Our industry independent solution combines financial consolidation and business planning systems — and its add-on package solutions for IFRS, any GAAP (e.g. K3/FAS) and Public Sector.

Clausion helps companies with its cloud-based solution to do better decisions in their daily business.