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Know your numbers

Clausion helps you with business planning and financial consolidation. With us you can trust your numbers and make better decisions for your business.

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Eezy: ” We all talk about the same numbers”

” All reporting and analyzing of data take place in the Clausion system. With this, we can be sure that data and numbers are the same for everyone – no matter if it is finance department, sales, business, or administration.”

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Granlund: Time saver for finance

”All data is in the same place and we do not need to transfer it from a system to another which saves a lot of time. This has speeded up our budgeting process significantly.”

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Ensto: Solution for reliable financial consolidation

” We have got ourselves a great partner. Clausion is close, it is easy and nice to cooperate with them. I can only give roses for the customer service and support. We have definitely got ourselves a great partner for financial management.”

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Business planning

Clausion Business Planning combines financial planning and reporting with multi-dimensional operative planning. It collects all business management data efficiently — securely, reliably and in an easily interpretable format. Leverage budgeting, planning, and forecasting throughout the organization thanks to easy-to-use Cloud.

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Datan syöttö paperille

Financial consolidation

Financial consolidation can be easy and smooth when you are using a complete solution for it. Automate processes, use ready-made templates according to latest standards – make IFRS and FAS reporting easy. Take over the Clausion solution for corporate performance management – save time and make financial consolidation easy.

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Thanks to Cloud – you can work anytime, anywhere as long as you have internet connection available. Do not waste your time collecting the data but focus on analyzing it and offer your business best chance to succeed.

Solution developed with our customers

Clausion solution has been developed together with customers, based on real user needs. This makes it a unique financial management tool that is easy to use and quick to implement. Take reporting to next level or make your daily routines smoother with automation. We help your company to reach the next level.

“All data is in one place and we all talk about the same numbers.”  

Niina Hakamäki, Eezy

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